This Will Be Remembered of Her: Stories of Women Reshaping the World, by Megan McKenna

After an unnamed woman anointed Jesus’ feet, he said, “Wherever the good news is preached in all the world, this will be remembered of her.” His words continue to ring true today about women of every culture and religious tradition. This Will Be Remembered of Her is a book about hope, courage, imagination, and compassion flourishing amid the challenges of daily life. Megan McKenna looks a the inspiring lives and notable women from both the past and the present, holding them up as examples of how a passionate desire for justice can shine in our hearts and our deeds.

McKenna weaves together three strands – stories from Scripture, stories of select women from around the globe, and stories from religious, folk, and wisdom traditions worldwide – into one strong braid of how life can be made more compelling, more communal, and more just for all people. She juxtaposes biblical women and contemporary women, exploring the reasons why each woman has been remembered. In the end she asks her readers this important question: How will you be remembered?

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