Theologika is a place for thoughtful reflection on religious experience.

Theologika’s goal is to provide a noise-free environment that gives everyone access to the best thinking and reflections of theologians, philosophers, social scientists, and other specialists about religious experience and institutions.

Theologika is also a place for these specialists to hear your questions and to offer support in your search.

Theologika’s Blog, in particular, is focused on today’s issues, challenges, and controversies in a way that provides less heat and more light.

Theologika’s Library includes treasures we’ve uncovered since we began in July 2007.

  • Find resources by clicking on a category to see  the entries we currently have for that topic. Each entry will include a brief description of the item listed and a link through which you can see it for yourself.
  • This library has been and is to be a team effort. If you would like to help us build the library and share resources around the world, please contact us.

Theologika Digest is our e-zine dedicated to building up the Christian Community by bringing various reflections on our everyday lives with and in the Holy Trinity. Since it is a digest, this publication will focus on shorter articles that can be understood by a general audience. While Theologika Digest is intended for a Catholic audience primarily, it also honors the commitment of the Second Vatican Council and recent popes to inter-faith dialog and conversations with non-Christian religions.


Theologika is not an official Catholic publication or website. Nevertheless, the content and views we present are meant to be compatible with official Church teaching.

The focus of this site is both Catholic and catholic. The upper case “C” refers to the Roman Catholic tradition and the lower case “c” refers to the broadest universal dimensions of the Christian movement and its interaction with all human institutions and learning.