Welcome to Theologika’s New Site

Theologika.net was born of a dream in July 2007 – a dream that authoritative, trustworthy information and reflection on religious experience could be easily accessible to everyone. Our goal has been to provide a “noise-free” environment that gives everyone access to the best thinking and reflections of theologians, philosophers, social scientists, and other specialists about religious experience and institutions.

The dream lives on to the present. Our format has changed. We’re offering new opportunities to share information and ideas. We’ll have classes and workshops for those who want to delve deeper into “the subject” in all its many facets. Our database of resources will continue to be available to our readers, though in a different format. And we’ll continue to offer our own reflections on topics of interest and news of the day.

We hope to hear from you in the days and weeks to come with your ideas for the site and thoughts on the issues we face in our lives and communities.

Thanks for coming along on the journey with us!

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