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Basic Assumptions and Ground Rules for Conversations

Our fundamental assumption, quoting St. Irenaeus in the second century is “The glory of God is humanity fully alive.” We assume therefore that God does not play tricks on us. Reason is a gift we are expected to use in looking at our universe. Science and its methods are not a threat to faith. God takes great delight in our growth in knowledge and wisdom just as human parents do in watching their children grow.

Theologika is a place for thoughtful reflection, so the tone of the entries must be respectful and reasoned. Some ideas which will be presented will be controversial. Only through discussion and mutual respect, despite disagreement, can growth and understanding occur.

Theologika is not an organ or official website of any religious organization. The initial focus is on Christianity. Our background is in the Roman Catholic tradition, but we welcome comments and insights of people of other faith traditions in the world as we explore the mystery from which we have our being and in which we dwell.

We welcome comments and questions from people of all ages and walks of life – children, teens, young adults and older ones. No question is too basic to raise. Sometimes what seems simple is actually deeply complex and can lead to profound insights. Our purpose is to help you find help and support from trusted authorities to answer your questions and to help you explore the mystery.