Making Cyber Space Sacred Space: An Interactive Webinar


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Making Cyber Space  Sacred Space

An Interactive Webinar

Online Ministry and Liturgy: A Temporary Expedient or a Sign of the Times?



Presenters included:

Fr. Ricky Manalo, PhD author of the Liturgy of Life. “Online Between the Altar and Home – A Sacred Space?”

Dcn. William Ditewig, PhD author at Deacons Today – Servants in a Servant Church “Between the Altar and the Street: Is Cyber Space a Diaconal Space?”

Dr. Deborah Wilhelm, DMin co-author of Preaching Matters with Bishop Sylvester Ryan – “Evangelization Online: Clergy and Laity Proclaiming the Good News in Cyber Space.”

Dcn. Randolfo Pozos, PhD anthropologist, MA (pastoral ministries) and editor of Theologika.Net a resource of adult faith formation. “From the Temple to the Heart: Sacred Space as a Relationship of Two or More.”